Jensen Stedl

Kimberlee Jensen Stedl


Kimberlee started this whole thing in 2003 Read more about Kimberlee here.

Brian Williams

Brian Williams


Brian Williams started practicing yoga after a knee injury forced him togo to physical therapy. With the help of a couple of “Power Yoga” videos, Brian learned that yoga could be powerful—aiding him to focus, quiet the mind, and heal and strengthen the body. Read more about Brian here.

Jo Smith

Jo Smith

UK and Online

Jo's passionate about helping people learn how they can overcome anxiety and negative self-talk by creating healthy habits. Read more about Jo here..

Monika Benkovich

Monika Benkovich

Hamilton, ON, CA

Blending Vinyasa, yin and sound healing, Monika's primary teaching style is to encourage students to pay attention to whats happening inside their bodies. Read more about Monika here..


Chantelle Ferguson

San Francisco, CA

Chantelle Ferguson has a deep appreciation for the simplicity of practicing yoga. She loves that with just a mat on the floor, she can exercise her body and gain mental tranquility. Read more about Chantelle here..



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